Well she’s here. After a 6000 odd mile trip from Japan in less than a week, I now have my hands on my SQ-Ai body replacement. This SQ body is in mint condition and looks like it has never been used. Not a scratch anywhere. Even with shipping and import duty, I have a body in better condition for less than I could have got one here in the UK.

I didn’t need the second Speed Grip, so I I have sold this and found myself a hand winder, which cost a staggering £70. That’s almost a third of the cost of the body. Completely bonkers money, but needs must.

So what’s the difference between the SQ and SQ-Ai bodies then?

  • The SQ has a proper battery with just the normal 2 contacts.
  • The SQ doesn’t have a Bulb setting, but I can live with that
  • The SQ doesn’t have Mirror Lock Up. Again, I can live with that.

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