I’ve finally managed to get round to processing all of the images that I took of the Lunar Eclipse last Monday. This is the second full eclipse that I’ve seen, but the first of which I intended to take lots of images.

Nothing much to say about these, but I decided to use my Nikon D80 fitted to the TMB80. The big RC would have been nice, but with the D80’s chip, I would have had to have shot two images to get the full Lunar disc in, which would have added another layer of complexity to the operation.

The earlier images were all shot at 1/350 of a second, but towards the end I found the exposure has to be increased to over 30 seconds . the last few images taken of totality, were shout through quite a bit of cloud, but this doesn’t seem to have affected the image much. I guess the cloud acts a little like an ND filter if nothing else, but I was surprised that image sharpness didn’t seem to be particularly affected. 

The only downside to the event was the complete cloud cover at the time of totality. It would have been nice to have captured the egress at the other end and complete the pictorial record of the whole event, but I was quite pleased with what I got in the end.