Looking back at my Flickr, I see the last time I got creative with a camera was way, way back in April.

My newly restored interest in Astronomy and the construction of a new Observatory has been taking up most of my time – to the detriment of anything terrestrial. I’m hoping that a trip up to Manchester this weekend for a Flickr trundle, will kick start things and I’m able to get back into taking piccys on a regular basis. Like most blokes, it’s difficult to run two major interests at the same time, without my enthusiasm taking control and only being able to concentrate on just one at a time – women and multitasking will no doubt be pointed out to me 🙂

This will be my fourth trip to Manchester and my first during the Summer season. I’m really looking forward to being able to concentrate on the detail rather than being overwhelmed by the ‘Wow’ factor from all that Concrete, Steel and Shiny glass. For a change I’ll be taking the Nikon digital, but the Polaroid Button and a shedload of IP film packs will keep me fed for that ‘filmy fix’.