Monthly archives: March, 2011

Five Lanes

Spring has arrived in Cornwall with a vengeance. The Daffodils are all out and the Primroses are emerging from the hedgerows. The last few weeks have been spent with the iphone – far too long for my liking, so it was good to get out to Five lanes this weekend with the Pentax 6×7. Five Lanes has been my favourite ‘Big Space’ location for years and I love to see how the landscape changes…


Woke up this morning to some pretty thick fog. Why don’t we ever get these conditions when I would have the time to take the Bronica out, so as work got in the way, I had to live with the iphone and my fave new Claunch Film and John S lens combo.

iPhone and Rolleicord

It’s always the way! You go to somewhere like Port Issac for a trundle, and end up getting the best piccys from someones landing in Wadebridge. Oh well, if having a plan and completing it was easy, everyone would be doing it!! I recently upgraded to the latest version of Hipstamatic ( 2.0.1) on the iPhone. Apart from the John S lens and Blanco film, I just can’t get on with some of the…