So why this webby?

I call this space my virtual mancave and the purpose of which is to showcase my many interests.

The principle reason for doing this as an aide-memoir for my own use, but if anyone finds it of interest, then that is a plus. The other upside is when I’m really old and farty and cannot remember yesterday, I’ll have something to remind me of what I have been doing for the last 40 of years of my life 🙂

I started this site back in 2012 and it initially its was to record my astronomical observations, which would give other observers a ‘Real World’ view of what would be visible from their own observatories here in the UK. Soon after I added a Photography section to showcase my portfolio of terrestrial images.

In 2010, we moved into what we called at the time, our ‘Weekend Country Retreat’ and I started to add the trials and tribulations of how you go about rebuilding an old stone cottage. This soon expanded to cover a new life living in the countryside and I started to record observations of the flora and wildlife that surrounded our 8 acre smallholding ( Smallholding is probably over doing it as we don’t have any animals – apart form our dog 🙂 or grow any crops to either survive on or make a profit from )

When I started my own business in 1987, I was an early adopter of the personal computer, and since then I have enjoyed tinkering with them. A computer nerd probably overstates my abilities, but getting what is probably the greatest innovation of the 20th century, to do a particular task reliably, has always been a satisfying activity. Self hosted Cloud computing, on and offsite backup systems I would guess are my principle interest in this area.

I retired in 2021 and now find my range of interests – and time to do them, have expanded again to include Amateur Radio, watching Test Cricket, 3D printing and model making.

I’ll be sticking all these things up here, so if hope you find them of interest.