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A Rubbish Yield

This photo shows the result of what happens when you have a heat wave and no rain of any consequence for over two months. Unlike farmers in the eastern counties whose fields seem to have turned to a golden /grey coloured dried dust bowl, our fields have fared a lot better. The price was still paid and we basically had little or no grass growth over the drought period. This is what our second…

We have Swallows

I was wondering why our car was getting covered in bird poop and here is the reason. They must have started building the nest late in June and this is where they got to when this piccy was take on 7th of July. We checked it from time to time, but there didn’t seem to be any activity up until now in mid August. If you creep in quietly you can see a beak…

First Silage Cut of the Year

It’s that time of year when in the late evenings all is quiet in the countryside except for the chirping of Crickets and the melodic drone of the cutter as farmers do their first silage cut of the year….

Spring Silage Cut 2019

Bails from our late Spring first silage cut Top field3Pipe field4First field5Ivytree field4Total Yield16

Big Mushrooms

Big mushrooms in the Paddock. While not able to identify these at the time, the subsequent acquisition of ‘The Collins Complete Guide to British Garden Wildlife’ indicates these are likely to be ‘Brown Rollrim’, which are hight poisonous.

Dairy Doors

Today is dairy door day, but first we had to make the door frames. These were made from 50x 100mm tanalised timber which were bolted into the granite blocks behind with expanding bolts. These were a pain and I now regret not using ‘Thunderbolts’ as these just thread their way into the block just like a woodscrew. To prevent water getting into the dairy, I used a row of brick blocks to form a…