Monthly archives: June, 2017

All cut and dried.

A day after the grass was cut, it was left a day to dry before spinning. With the forecast of rain the next day, it was ready for bailing. Top Field2 BalesPipe Field2 BalesIvytree Field2 balesFirst Field4 BalesTotal Yield10 Bales That’s 9 bales down on last year. Scott says he plans to get a second cut this year. He said that last year, but the amount cut was so small it couldn’t be picked…

Scott cuts the grass.

It’s grass cutting time at Stonewalls. Scott has been up with the tractor and cut our fields. He’s quite early this year. Last year the same job was on on 17, July. I never seem to catch him actually cutting, so no piccy of the actual event.

Pointing the Dairy.

Well it’s more digging out tons of concrete than pointing, but we are making progress. The mortar around the door is more like concrete and is tough as shit. This is how far progress has been made in about 3 hours work. The area between the two doors has been a lot easier, with the mortar here more like hard cheese. The pointing really wasn’t doing anything to stop the water going right through…

It’s D.I.Y Time.

A bit of a cockup on the pre work piccy front, but here’s what we managed to do in a couple of hours. Even without the pointing, it looks a 100 times better.

Walking the policies

The first walk of the policies since we got back from our holiday. The Ivytree Field is starting to look really good now and it won’t be too long before the grass is ready for its silage cut….

Walking the Policies

Stuff is really starting to grow at Stonewalls now. We have this Blue thing up in the Meadow Field. Teasels in the Paddock. Lots of Greater Stitchwort in the Pipe and Ivytree Fields. …and the first sighting of Red Clover in the Ivytree Field. We are not sure if it’s our imagination, but we seem to have many more English Bluebells this year. They are dotted all over the place.