Caldwell Catalogue

Caldwell objects observed from my observatory

Having almost completed observations of the Messier list, my thoughts turned to something a little more challenging, but not one that has so many entries that it would take an age to complete. When I say complete, I will never be able to do this, as of the 109 objects in this catalogue, only 73 will ever rise above the horizon at my location. Only these are listed here.

As with the Messier List, Stephen James O’Meara has written down his observations of all the objects in his Deep Sky Companion series ‘The Caldwell Objects’

Objects that I have made at least one observation and the last observation date is given in the ‘Date Observed’ column.

ID Name Type Con Mag Size Date Observed
{ID} {Name} {Type} {Constellation} {Magnitude} {Size} {LastObsDate}