The first proper full blown walk round the policies of the year.  13 centigrade, blue skies and sunshine.

There is a lot of standing water in the Deer, Middle, and Wildlife Fields. The grass seed we had sown last Autumn has taken hold well –  although in the areas where there is a lot of mulch,  it’s a little stunted and yellow.  Once it dries out and warms up, I think it will start to grow like the clappers.

Not much happening on the Botany front. There is still a lot of Creeping Buttercup leaves in the crass and the Soft Rush is growing in the wet areas in the Pipe and Wildlife Fields. The largest amount of new growth is coming from the Foxglove leaves in the field margins.

In the Garden, the Daffodils  heads are starting to produce buds, so it won’t be long before we get out first flowers from them. The first Primroses are coming out in the mound too. The first Daisies are also showing their flowers in small patches.

The first leaves on the Butterfly Bush are now coming out.

On the hardware front, the first job on the list for when the tractor is taken out of mothballs is the rebuilding of a couple of wall rock falls in the First and Ivytree Fields.