Wayhay. First roll of film taken this year, from a trundle to the sand dunes at Hayle. I left the light meter at home – well the battery was actually flat – and relied on the light meter built into the Rolleiflex.

I was quite surprised how accurate the exposure was, despite the cameras age. I’m not sure if the sensor is Gallium Arsenide or Selenium based, but in the bright conditions I was using it, the meter seemed quite sensitive to small changes in light falling on it and all the images on the roll show a full range of tones. I’m not sure how well it will perform in lower light conditions, but I’m sure I will get a chance to try that at some point.

I’ve always found the dunes tricky to photograph. Like woods, everything is so random, that I have difficulty finding those strong geometric shapes that I’m comfortable with. The wire and stick fence was just what I was looking for.

With this rush of enthusiasm I decided to tidy the dark room. It shares the same building as my office and for the past year has been used to dump boxes and packing materials in. The spring clean filed quite a few bin bags and bottles of 18 month old fixer and some foul smelling brown liquid that was once concentrated Multigrade developer had to go as well.

Amongst all the boxes, I found an Argyrotype kit which I’d only used once. Not sure how long the chemicals last, but I think I will fire the kit up this weekend and see what it produces.