Just dug out my Sekonic L-758D Lightmeter out of the storage box only to find that the reflective metering display reads over exposure no matter what the light level.

Servicing is being handled by Manfrotto, but looking at the list of available spares, I find the list is next to nothing. Initially I thought that was it and started looking around for a replacement.

The 758’s direct replacement is now the  L-858D-U Speedmaster, and even if I wanted to buy one now, there are none in the UK. I assume this is related to the world shortage of stuff due to the post Covid effect, or It’s a UK Brexit issue!!

That aside, the big gup eyewatering fact is that the new selling price for this little puppy is the best part of £700, so that was a really non starter.

I more hope than expectation. I sent off an email to Manfrotto asking if they were still doing repairs to the 758.

With a couple of hours I got a reply from Ian Hemingway of the Studio 1 Service Centre in the affirmative depending on the availability of whatever spare was required. They suggested I send it to them so they could have a look, so off it went.

Three days later I got an email saying ‘Yup. Repair is possible’ and the cost would come to £90.

Another couple of weeks past when DPD delivered a 6 month guaranteed and repaired meter back to me, much to my delight and a sigh of relief of my wallet.

All is well again and I can highly recommend the service I received from Studio 1 , so here are their contact details, should you find yourself in the same position.

Vitec Service Centre
Building 105.
Dunsfold Park.
Surrey.GU6 8TB
Tel +44 (0)1483 548883
Fax +44 (0)1483 276804