Monthly archives: March, 2017

…and she’s done

The Boiler Room has now had its second coat and matches the outside of the house. Sawtid!!

Slap it on Sand

Of all the little jobs that needed doing, the boiler room seems to have always dropped off the priority list. …

A harrowing experience

Notice all the trees in our now visible Ash Forest 🙂 Well now that Sand has Sooooo much time on her hands, she decided to de-Bramble the wall between the Garden and the First Field. As you can see, she has been going at full pelt. While raking the bank a few stones became dislodged and underneath some of them, she counted two Slowworms and a Lizard escaping for cover. I expect by the…

Greenfinches & stuff

Just seen a pair of Greenfinches on the Ash tree in the Garden mound. While Sitting in the conservatory having a cup of tea a brown  speckled Butterfly flew – or blew – past. Not sure if the type , but probably a small Tortoiseshell. Today started off with finishing clearing all the bramble from the driveway that Sand started last week. We don’t seem to have taken a before, but this is what…

Walking the policies.

Having a walk through the policies noting what’s been growing early this time of year….

Greater Periwinkle, Hairy Bitter Cress & Herb Robert

We seem to have a rather large section right in the corner at the bottom of the garden, where Greater Periwinkle is growing. It is quite an expansive area, so must have been growing for a few years – I wonder why we have missed seeing it before. Also seen the first sighting this year of Hairy Bitter Cress and….. ….Herb Robert, although is not a particularly nice specimen.