Monthly archives: May, 2017

It’s silage time.

The farmers are making the best of all this nice weather with the first silage cut of the year. I’m not sure if this is early or late this year, as I didn’t note when it was done last year. Sand seems to think the first cut would have been around the end of April….

A tad more cement

Finished off the stonework on the windows in the dairy

Walking the Policies

The Sun shines at Stonewalls today, so a little walk around the policies to admire late Spring in full flow. The Foxgloves are now starting to flower, and the grass is really starting to grow in the Top Field….

a bit of logging.

That Leylandii really has to go, especially as there is an Elm Type tree behind it. With a judicious use of the loppers and it’s gone….

Moving the roof.

Well this is all the rubbish left by the builders. I thought most of the wood would be reusable in the new tractor shed, but a lot of it had woodworm, so it’s all be assigned to the wildlife wood pile. This is before. Luckily all the the corrugated is in pretty good nick, so this is going to save a fortune by using this on the tractor shed. We were fortunate that the…

It’s a bit Yellow.

Well the wild section of the garden is looking gorgeous. The piccys don’t show all the blue of the Speedwell, but with the few Daisies by the Leylandii trees, there is a nice spread of colour. In an effort to soften the stonework as well as add a bit of colour, we moved a wheelbarrows worth of Geranium to the Garage flowerbed. It’s looking a bit windswept, but this stuff seems to grow anywhere, so…