An Isolette V made by Agfa Cameraverk between 1950-52. I just love the compact size this little beauty folds down too. About the size of a modern entry level DSLR, but nowhere as thick, she shoots 6×6 and fits in your pocket. There seem to be hundreds of these on ebay and I paid around the average for mine.

The lens is an Agfa Agnar f/4.5/ 85mm focal length on a three speed Vario shutter, by Gauthier and  is simple enough to use. The focusing is manual only and doesn’t use any kind of range finding, so relies on the user to guess distances. Not a problem with the average shot, but I find it’s a bit hit and miss using it wide open,  when trying to precisely pick out the subject and blur the background. I dare say this will become easier with practice.

One thing I find odd is there version numbering system. This is a MkV and is as basic as it get, wheres the Mk II has a shutter button and a better quality lens – go figure!!

I’ve run a couple of rolls of film through this now and can’t wait to try some colour next