Well it’s been a pretty awful long Bank Holiday from the weather point of view. Apart from a  few hours of sunshine yesterday there has been solid cloud over the Southwest.

I did run a test film through the new Isolette and deved the roll. Things look fine. The shutter seems to work at most speeds and the aperture does what it’s supposed to. I loaded a roll of FP4 and we had a trundle down to the town – so results from this in a few days.

My last pack of PX70 cool was blown yesterday at the National maritime Museum in Falmouth. Not been there for a few years, but found myself drawn to the spiral staircase going up to the viewing tower again. Pretty much the same happened when I was last there.

I’ve noticed a couple of things with this pack. Slight exposure to sunlight when the print ejects can be used to control how warm the print looks. ‘The Sphere’ was exposed to bright sunlight for about 1/2 second before sheilding to continue it’s development. It’s not as red as some prints which are left a lot longer, so I’m sure this technique could be used to ‘Warm Glow’ things up a bit on a dull day.
The other is obvious on the other two prints. Inside and with artificial light -presumably fluorescent – you get a green bronze colour cast in the blacks. In these low light conditions, it gives the prints an almost Lith look, which I find quite appealing.

I’ve also found an image of the stairs taken with the Nikon from roughly the same vantage point as the SX70 and just love the contrast between the two.