Of all the little jobs that needed doing, the boiler room seems to have always dropped off the priority list.

However, this winter, the mould on the inner walls started creeping in last winter and just looked horrible. The reason is that wall is not a double insulated one, so any warm air on the inside with cold air on the outside and you get condensation.

Plus the floor needed levelling, so this was the first order of the day.

We mixed up and poured some powdered floor levelling compound. The idea is at some point to tile the floor, so this really needs to be done.

We hope that using exterior masonry paint – which I believe has a mould inhibitor – may slow down or stop any mould forming in the future. Second coat goes on tomorrow.

Just in case you wonder why this is called the boiler room, where there is evidently no boiler in sight. When we moved in, there was one in the far left hand corner. When that failed we opted for a new outside one. This kept all the hot air out of the room as well as giving us more space for shelving for the multitude of boots and shoes that we seem to have accumulated.