Monthly archives: June, 2012

So what's this Observational Malarky all about then?

Since the Observatory went back online earlier this year, I’ve had a few months to start working my way through the Messier Objects. While there are literally hundreds of observer lists to choose from, the Messier list is probably the best known and it seems to me to be a good starting point from which to launch an observing programme While I’ve been into astronomy since early 2000 and steered my interest toward astronomical…

The Sunday Brunch

Really chuffed to bits to see that one of my images has been included in Impossible Projects ‘Sunday Brunch’ this month.

My new toy!

An Isolette V made by Agfa Cameraverk between 1950-52. I just love the compact size this little beauty folds down too. About the size of a modern entry level DSLR, but nowhere as thick, she shoots 6×6 and fits in your pocket. There seem to be hundreds of these on ebay and I paid around the average for mine. The lens is an Agfa Agnar f/4.5/ 85mm focal length on a three speed Vario shutter,…

NMM Falmouth

    Well it’s been a pretty awful long Bank Holiday from the weather point of view. Apart from a  few hours of sunshine yesterday there has been solid cloud over the Southwest. I did run a test film through the new Isolette and deved the roll. Things look fine. The shutter seems to work at most speeds and the aperture does what it’s supposed to. I loaded a roll of FP4 and we had…

Pola Flickr Meet London

Well here they all are. I’m quite happy to have come away with so many worth sticking up.  There is talk of another meet sometime in August, so you can count me in. Keep an eye on the discussion of the IP Flickr stream