This is not the most ideal way to show what’s been going here throughout the year, but I haven’t had much time this year to create individual posts of the various events.


1A Stoat – and it was definitely was a Stoat with its black dipped tail – seen running from Stonehenge towards the Conservatory and passed the garage.
14First Chaffinch seen in ages
22Six Redwing seen perching on trees at end of garden. Identification more by a process elimination. The red patches on the underarm were not noticed, but the white flash above the eye and the thrush colouring on the chest makes us confidant of observation.
29Two Song Thrush, House Sparrows, Blue Tits, Magpies, Crows, Robin, Chaffinch Great Tit. ALL EIGHT WITHIN A 30 MIN PERIOD


2Last Swallows of the year seen today.
3Poppies still flowering
4Bob starting to loose his leaves
9Going mental on the bird feeders and Teasels. All we seem to have at the moment are House Sparrows and Goldfinches – at least a dozen of each’ with the occasional Great Tit now and then
15Sand sees a Stoat running around the mound before heading back into the flower bed wall.
18Saw Robin , Chaffinch and Dunnock on feeders. All have been absent for ages.
31Return of a couple of Greenfinches and one Blue Tit


7Planted Pansies, Calendula, Candy Tuft and Red Cloverh in pots.
11Seen Swallows. A huge flock of about a dozen Goldfinches on the power line then flying into the Teasels on the left hedge.
13Found young Collie in the garden
17Our only genuine Oxeye Dairy. Now planted in the bed by the driveway.
27Saw a Shag flying over the house.


2Scott gives cut grass the first spin.
3Identified Selfheal. Prunella vulgaris collins page 392
8Final spin and bail of all our fields.
10Notice Yarrow in full flower
12Common Knapweed identified.
15Saw Wren in wall just next to the Conservatory
16We suspected we have Sparrows a few days ago, by the chirping. Finally confirmed that we now have about half a dozen. Lots lf species seen this morning. House Sparrows, Chaffinch, Blackbird, Robin, Swallows ( at least a doze roosting on the roof of the house ) female Greenfinch and Great Tits.
19Saw one Tree Sparrow on the bird bath. CORRECTION. Now realise this was a male House Sparrow. The majority lf the Sparrows we have are Females.
29Saw 5 small Greenfinch chicks sitting on power lines
30There are at least a dozen Sparrows roosting. Not seen many Chaffinches recently.


4Osteospermum starting to loose their flowers
5Sand saw Stoat running across garden with baby rabbit in its mouth.  

These have started to flower in the Bank by the Observatory. Look like they are Shasta Daisys. Similar to Oxeye Daisy, but larger.

28Scott cuts the grass, Golden eye planted in driveway bed flower, first Red poppy on flower bed at end of garden. Fist sighting on Montbretia coming out. Red Campion mostly died off now.
30More Red Poppies growing in flower bed at bottom of garden. There are signs of about a dozen heads waiting to bloom.
31Great Spotted Woodpecker seen feeding of Peanut feeder


5Great Tit flew into conservatory window
6Two magpies still building nest next to bird feeders. Lots of Goldfinches around. First flower buts of arisimum starting to come out
14Sighted two Robin chicks at the feeders. Presumably their adult parent was seen soon after. Nesting Magpies being very territorial and chasing off Crows.
15Three Linnets seen frolicking over wall at end of garden. Sweet Williams starting to bloom.
19Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell Butterflies. First flower buds of sweet pea coming out. This was the last time we saw Young Percy Junior 🙁
20Antirrhinums starting to flower. Saw a Fox passing by the bird feeders
21Rebuilt the two areas of fallen wall of the Paddock field. Azaleas dropped all their flowers
27Mr Foxy nearly gets Mr Percy imposter and two Magpies. Two Magpies still nesting in bush by the bird feeders. Not seen any chicks yet. Conception is taking an awfully long time!. Three Linnets seen on power cable by house. Seeing these more regularly now. Robin and 2 chicks on bird feeders.
28Mr Foxy chases a rabbit by the bird feeders.
29Frightened the shit out of Percynator and his Misses, who were hunkered down in the Paddock field.


4First Cuckoo seen. Suspected first sighting of Sheeps Bit. See phone image
7Planted out four Parsley seedlings in big pot.
9Planted out 4 more pots of Ox Eye and four of Lavatera.
14Installed new caged birdfeeders. British Bluebells running rampant.
15Removed Carbuncles from Cactus and planted them in pots, First House Martins sighted
17First Cuckoo of the year sighted. Catalogued Lamiastrum Argentatum Variegated Yellow Archangel, Garlic Mustard. Pair of Magpies making next in scrub by the feeders. Azaleas now coming into flower.
20Set up two nesting boxes in the tree island.
21Another dose of weed killer on Japanese Knotweed
22First slugs seen on pot plants outside. Fist flowers of the two Azalea starting to bloom.
25Whitethroat or Lesser Whitethroat seen in garden. See more than 5 rabbits at a time -mostly youngsters. St Patricks Cabbage is Kidney Saxifrage. Cuckoo being chased by small bird, Identified Common Vetch 86, 284, 282
29Foxgloves starting to flower.


1First sighting of Hairy Bitter Cress, Wavy Bitter Cress, Lesser Celandine, Daisy’s
4First three Cornered Garlic.  

The Greenfinches are back again.

5Wrens seen in left hand wall in garden.  

Planted Begonia Semoerflorens, Marigold African F1 Taishan Mixed, Appeal Select Mixed, Anemones, 2 pots of Erysimum Bowles Mauve in pots,

6First sighting of Slender Speedwell, Common Dog Violet. Second bird feeder pole installed.  

First possible Swallow sighting.

15Wood Anemone 50, 80, 109. Forget me Not’s really going like the clappers. Skylarks definitely out now.
18Bobs first grapes. Planted Ox Eye Daisy, White Foxglove, Geranium in med sized pots.
19Pair of Linnets, First confirmed Swallow of 2015. A walk later confirms Swallows have arrived. First Spanish Bluebells.
25Bought four new Cactus and planted new seeds for Parsley, Basil and Lavertria. Seen our first Deer. A herd of about 8 seen in the middle field.
26Brought two pots of Marguerite bushes
30First Cuckoo heard. , Brought Senetti Violet Bicolour plant, Greater Stitchwort seen in the lower fields


1Bobs first leaves, Primroses out
14First Skylarks, Scott scarifies the fields
15Planted seeds Basil, Lavatera Dwarf, Parsley, Osteospermum, Golden Eye.  

Planted Lavender Stoechas, Cotton Lavender and Lavender Blue Star.

17First sitting outside in the Sun
22First Goldfinches of the year, Planted out pots Gladioli Albus Bulbs in pot, Dahlia Red Skin in bed at end of garden, Pina Colada in Pot. Evergreen Azalea Orange King, Deciduous Azalea Golden Embers . First Forget me Not’s come into flower


15Daffodils first sprouting, Bullfinch seen on Walk