Pola Flickr Meet London

Well here they all are. I’m quite happy to have come away with so many worth sticking up.  There is talk of another meet sometime in August, so you can count me in. Keep an eye on the discussion of the IP Flickr stream

The Colour Continues

  The poor old Button passed away in April 2012 while trying to cough up a sheet of PX600 Black Frame. RIP. With the Button gone, I needed a replacement. I’ve always lusted after the SX70 folder, and being wary that they are not the most reliable, I decided to bite the bullet and find one that was in almost mint condition. I probably paid over the odds, but this one is a little…

A Bit of Colour

A bit of virtual fun with fellow iPhone piccy taking addict Meredith Wilson

I've been gone sometime

Yet again, I see it’s been ages since I updated anything here. Lots has been happening over the last six months or so. Considerable time has been spent rebuilding the upstairs of the ‘Weekend Country Retreat’ – as I call it. A bathroom and two bedrooms to be more precise. There is still a sitting room to do, but we felt we needed a bit of a break to do life’s other pleasures. The…

iPhone and Rolleicord

It’s always the way! You go to somewhere like Port Issac for a trundle, and end up getting the best piccys from someones landing in Wadebridge. Oh well, if having a plan and completing it was easy, everyone would be doing it!! I recently upgraded to the latest version of Hipstamatic ( 2.0.1) on the iPhone. Apart from the John S lens and Blanco film, I just can’t get on with some of the…