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NGC5194 M51

Session Data Date:  02/04/2020  Time:  21:40 – 23:44 UTSeeing: II Mostly Stable, Transparency: Clear, Temp:3.9C, Air Pressure: 1020mb, Humidity: 88%, Dew Point: 3.9C, Wind Speed: 5mph Scope: TMB 80mm APO Refractor at f/4.8  Camera: ZWO ASI 1600MM Pro,  No filter, Dark subtracted and Flat fielded. Still more testing tonight. A stack of 53 x 60 sec lights. I didn’t shoot any flats at the time, but realising that I had not touched the camera for a few weeks, that…

Observing Session: 14, April

Another long spell without cloud. Well that’s not exactly true, as there have been a few clear nights in batches. One forecasted and gave cloudless skies, but with a full moon and lots of high thin stuff, i didn’t even bother to venture out. The other a few weeks later didn’t look to bad, but with lots of early  morning starts, I’ve not been able to stay awake long enough to do anything useful….