The Pictorial Possibilities of Colour

Camera: Bronica SQ-ai
Lens: 40mm f/4
Film: HP5, Ilfosol 3

A day out at the Tate, St Ives. While the Ben Nicholson exhibition was the highlight of the visit, this room really encapsulated what is so absurd about the world of Art.

Built up of layers to a fine, smooth surface, these strictly formal arrangements pose the saturation, rhythm, balance and contrast of colour against architectural space.

The viewer is drawn into this visual equation, particularly as the sparceness and simplicity of his canvasses as at first quietly reassuring. They nod to a familier art of the 1960’s – most notibly American minimalists such as Donald Judd and Dan Flavin, offering a sense of self containment in their refined , flat surfaces.

Yet with time as the eyes adjust, the faint shifts of hue, the resonances between modulated and contrasting colours, the tension from edge to centre, the subtle asymmetry and the interplay between wall and canvas, canvas and viewer activate an inescapable physical participation in the artists sensational visual agenda.

Well I mean…what a load of Bollocks! This kind of thing just makes me angry. Health and safely should provide signs to warn you that you are entering the world of the linguistic idiot.