The Estate

Camera: Bronica SQ-ai
Lens: 80mm PS f/2.8 Zenzanon
Film: efke/adox IR820 Infrared Film, Rodinal 1:50

The results of a trundle through the grounds of Trellisick House with Justin and Sus on Saturday.

I was severely miffed when this roll came out of the dev tank. Apart from a few where I had taken the IR filter off the camera, every other frame seemed completely clear. I was about to cut out and dump these, when I noticed a few specks of something, but you had to look really hard to see anything. Knowing how much more sensitive the scanner can be, I scanned everything anyway…….

My previous film test Here using this Film/filter combo gave me an ISO of 3 in bright sunlight. I applied the same metering, but these were taken with quite a bit of cloud, and as you can see they are very VERY under exposed. I guess another 2 or 3 stops would have helped, but I’m rather glad I didn’t.

This does pose the question, why so much underexposure. The previous metering test in bright sunlight said over expose the meter reading by 3 stops. This obviously needs a hell of a lot more. I know I’m using a different developer here, but I’m inclined to ask – Do clouds absorb IR light?