Camera: Holga
Lens: Std lens
Film: HP5 dev’d in Diafine
Notes: Yet more experiments with the Lith printing process and starting to feel I’m getting somewhere.

I scanned a negative taken with the Holga and then adjusted the resulting file in PS to increase the contrast slightly, before printing the inverted image onto OHP film to make an 8×8 inch negative, which I then sandwich between Lith paper and a sheet of glass.

A series of 9 prints were made using exposures ranging from 1 to 12 seconds and dev times from 4 to 20 mins. This final image was made towards the end of the session where the developer was becoming very exhausted. Two previous images made with similar exposure and dev times resulted in three completely different images. The more exhausted the dev, the more Salmon pink the prints became.

I made up 1 litre of 1:15 stock solution but this time added 200ml of old brown to the mix. The first 4 prints were harsh; devoid of any colouring, and the snatch point came within 4 mins with a 6 second exposure. From then onwards, dev times took increasingly longer to reach the snatch point, so after every two prints I topped up the tray with 200ml of fresh solution, which stabilised the process from then on and giving me these great salmon highlights and Olive black shadows.

The final print was then scanned back into PS before uploading here. So to recap

HP5 dev’d in Diafine
Fotospeed LD20 Lith dev mixed 1:15 plus 200ml of Old brown per 1 litre
Kentmere Kentona Glossy paper
6 sec exposure with 11min to snatch point @ 25ish degrees Centigrade

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