Wow. two clear nights in a row.  Transparency not too hot with the murk climbing up to about 20 degrees from the horizon.
Still had trouble seeing C17, but at least a small proportion of C18 revealed itself.

Session Stats

Date:  06/09/2015  Time:  20:49 – 22:49 UT
Seeing: II Mostly Stable, Transparency: III Mostly Clear, Temp:10.0c,  Pressure: 1025mb, Humidity: 84%, Dew Point: 7.4 , Wind: 2mph, SQM: 18.5 mags/arcsecond, NELM: 5.3mag

NCG891, C23

Not Seen. I checked carefully that I had identified the star field.

NCG1036, M34

Altair Astro 250mm, 40mm Plossl, 51 X, 52′, West is to the 10 O’Clock.
I love this open cluster. An F111 Bomber instantly recognisable with it heading off to the North.

NCG147, C17

Still not managed to see this despite being completely alcohol free tonight. I checked carefully that I had identified the star field.

NCG185, C18

Altair Astro 250mm, 14mm Delos, 145 X, 29.8′,
West is to the 10 o’clock. A 7.5 mag star is just offset from where the core of this galaxy is. Two other brightish stars, an 8.2 mag 10 arc/min to the NE and an 8.5 mag 11 arc/sec to the West form a flat bounding triangle. The outer edges were so diffuse it was difficult to estimate a size, but it didn’t look bigger that about 3 arc/min in diameter.

NCG6853, M27

Just slewed to this when it just disappeared. A quick look skywards revealed complete cloud cover 🙁