The poor old Button passed away in April 2012 while trying to cough up a sheet of PX600 Black Frame. RIP. With the Button gone, I needed a replacement. I’ve always lusted after the SX70 folder, and being wary that they are not the most reliable, I decided to bite the bullet and find one that was in almost mint condition. I probably paid over the odds, but this one is a little peach. I just love the Sonar focusing attachment. So ugly, yet so retro.
First light using IP’s PX70 (12/11 batch) has, I think, been rather promising. Not realising that the brightness wheel resets to default every time the body is closed, means all these were over exposed by a few notches. But I like that ‘glary’ startled look these have. I have a large box load of IP’s new Px100 and PX70 Cool film on the way and look forward to playing around with these new emulsions. One one hope is that IP don’t make their film too good. Part of the fascination and excitement comes with not really knowing what you are going to get when the print spews out the front of the camera.