Yet again, I see it’s been ages since I updated anything here. Lots has been happening over the last six months or so. Considerable time has been spent rebuilding the upstairs of the ‘Weekend Country Retreat’ – as I call it. A bathroom and two bedrooms to be more precise. There is still a sitting room to do, but we felt we needed a bit of a break to do life’s other pleasures.
The New Observatory which was almost completed at the end of last year suffered in the storms we had in December and the roof ended up 400 metres downwind. While fairly damaged , a lot of the materials were salvageable and construction was started on a new and improved design last weekend.
The photography has also kicked off. The weather has been super these last few weeks, so it’s been good to get out with the the cameras and have a little play. I have quite a bit of the older PX100 film stock from Impossible Project lying around, but have never been really happy with with it, so with a present of a x4 ND filter, I’ve been loading the SX70 with PX600 Black Frame. The results are quite different and a lot colder – which is how I like it.