Camera: Pentax 6×7
Lens: 45mm f/4
Film: Ilford FP4
Notes: A series of images taken last August at Par Dock. A number of us were very fortunate to have a guided tour of the area for a couple of hours. The Dock played a pivotal role in the export of China Clay from Cornwall, but a decline in the industry and changes in the way clay is now transported, means part of the dock is now undergoing development into a marina. The guided tour is something that isn’t done normally, so thanks to the guys at Imerys for arranging this for us.I actually intended to use the Bronica SQ for this trundle, but being rushed at the last minute, I failed to check the state of the batteries , which were flat. Even worse – I had no spares. I had to resort to the Pentax 6×7, which in the end worked out well, but I would have liked to have kept the square format so this series matched my other China Clay images from old abandoned clay workings. These can be found on my Flickr