Monthly archives: April, 2014

Observing Session 23, April

Nearly the end of April and this has been my first proper observing session of 2014. A really terrible start to the year! The one or two clear nights in March weren’t helped buy pointing problems on the G11. The RA motor decided to go tits up and  slews were 20° off,  at boot up.  I had to resort to a ‘Cold Start’ and rebuild the pointing model. Things will be okay for 10 minutes…

…Another New Toy

Well when I say another new toy, I mean this one is only just to play with occasionally. My local astronomy club Kernow Astronomers acquired a number of Solar scopes to do outreach work with a number of local schools. One of the three is a Lunt 60THa. While not being used for outreach, the scope is available for club members to use, and I managed to borrow it for a week to play with….