Monthly archives: November, 2013

Observing Session 21, November

Its seems like an age since I was able to open up the observatory and look through a telescope….and I’m right. The 3, November was the last time . Even more amazing was that the technology didn’t go tits up. I fired everything up, slewed to my first star and the target was well within the FOV of a 40 eyepiece.  Apparently, I was not the only one who’s first outing for a while went smoothly….

What Balmy Autumnal Evenings?

Well apart from one session out at the scope in early September, the weather these last  seven weeks has been dire.  I’ve got to go back to December of last year when I was only able to get out once during a month.  November looks as though it’s going to be even worse, with not one clear night so far. While we have had lots of clear skies during the day, the  relatively high Autumnal…